Many of my baits are based on what I wish I had in my tackle kit, that I couldn't

find in the store.  I tend to go for a chunkier lure with good balance and heft,

with a bit of overkill on the hardware, should I have the good fortune to get a

monster on the line I plan on getting it to shore. 


Each of my creatures is hand whittled, carefully weighted  for the right balance and heft for the job at hand, then finely sanded and hand painted.  I do not use airbrush.  Everyone's doing that.  I'm going with oil based enamels, going on with a brush, or a sponge or nail or whatever gets it on there the way I want it to.  This is a long forgotten way of painting lures that makes the RiverDogs unique creatures to put into your tackle kit. 

A kinder hook configuration is also part of the process.  I opt for single or dual hooks strategically placed, instead of covering the lure with treble hooks.  For some species, like stripers, a lot of the fish we catch have to be released, so release them in good health.  Also, festooning a lure with treble hooks will assure you less chance of getting the lure back.  If you fish hard you know exactly what I am saying.

There will be some amusing variations coming at you going forward, so please cmon back and visit soon. 

Thanks for dropping by, and tight lines out there.