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RiverDog 2.5 Inch SlimFrog Top Water

Choice of Finishes


To simplify things for choices I have named these individually.  See photos for details on the following frogs:


Riverdog Lures Floater SlimFrog 2.5   $10.00 
2.5 inch topwater hard bait, 1 inch wide at widest point. Hand carved poplar, weighted for a good throw. 0.3 oz. These frogs have various patterns, but they have the general size, weight and features in common otherwise.

Dressed out with #2 dual hook at tail with flash streamer.  Dual hooks face up, so you catch fish and not lily pads.  Heavier than most of your store bought topwater baits, this frog will cast a country mile and make a ruckus on the top of the water when played back.  

Riverdog Lures River Kraken II  

2.5 inch & 3.5 inch Floater Hardbait

Riverdog Lures River Kraken II   $10.00 

RiverDog Lures hand made poplar lure, this pattern is called the "River Kraken II".  These come in 2 sizes, 2.5 inch fat frog style body, and a minnow style body at 3.5 inch.


This lure is a topwater small stickbait for working over rivergrass beds, along the pads, or to pitch between rocks or other cover to entice  a strike with some topwater action.

This particular River Kraken II is a jerk style topwater lure, 2.5 inches, weighing in at 0.5 oz.  The 3.5 inchversions weigh 0.7 oz.  Both are topwater baits.

Dual #2 hook at tail dressed out with red / orange streamer with a bit of flash added.  Hooks facing upwards so you catch fish, and not the structure.  

Red orange pattern with yellow highlights along belly, super visible bait to induce a vehement strike from a hungry bass, pickerel or large trout when they're hitting the top.

SkinnyPerch Lure

RiverDog Lures SkinnyPerch     $15.00
4.5 inch or 5 inch version 

RiverDog Lures SkinnyPerch topwater lure.  These perch carry the weight up front, so the head hangs down into the water to create a ruckus on the retrieve.  This is a topwater lipless stickbait.

These are available in two sizes, 4.5 inch and 5 inch variations.  The finish features the standard yellow perch design along with a bit of Pearlex pumpkin orange pigment and just a pinch of cinnamon sparkle into the clearcoat for added glimmer and visibility.  Sharp lookin bait if I say so myself... These are finished with some heavy duty muskie hardware as in olden times, for a classic look and to make these lures stand up to the more monstrous of freshwater predators.  Dressed out with a single Reaper 4/0 offset circle hook with a streamer.  After largemouth, big smallmouth that are whacking the top in the early mornings or evenings, or your basic pike, muskie or other similar leglass gators?  Get one of these for the tackle kit.

Glider Newt Lure

RiverDog Lures Glider Newt     $12.00
3.5 inch and 4 inch versions  
Choice of finishes

These are finished in the GreenSilver on top, with some options for belly coloring.  Also the Glider Newts have a pinch of sparkle added to the clearcoat for added visibility and glimmer in the light.  

I have these available in 4 inch and one in a 3.5 inch fatter version.  The 4 inch versions come in either a ewhite belly or with a silver belly.  The 3.5 inch fatty has a yellow belly, and a touch of red in the top finish, nice looking baits.  All weigh in at 0.7 oz, and have a 4/0 Reaper offset circle hook at the tail with a chartreuse/green flash streamer.  This is a lipless sinking, glider stickbait that is a good choice when going deep for bass, walleye, or big trout.

Turkey-Slap Perch Lure

RiverDog Lures Turkey-Slap 3.5    $12.00
Yellow Perch Pattern                   
Choice of finishes

The Turkey-Slap Yellow Perch 3.5 is a lipless topwater stickbait.  These weigh in at 0.7 oz for a good throw, with enough wood on the bait to keep it up top.  Dressed out with a single 3/0 Mustad tinned hook with yellow streamer.  When the big ones are hitting the top, this is a fine choice to reach into your tackle kit for.  Built tough enough to work the tidal rivers for schoolies as well!

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Generally I ship within one day of order payment.  Ship costs are calculated for domestic shipments automatically. Outside of the states get in touch and I'll sort out a reasonable cost to get these to you.

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