Guy the Fishin' Musician

My first love of course is the guitar.  And I still love her, so when I am not whittling or huffing paint fumes, or tying up streamers  I do love to take the Takamine out and make some racket.  

I no longer book public houses very much, for a number of reasons.  That said I keep my chops up to book for yard parties, pig roasts and the occasional hootinanny.  I enjoy the heck out of private events and that's where I do my best work.  

My thing is blues and classic rock.  I can get a little twangy, but new country is off the menu.  Don't let's get started with that.  I shut my radio off back in 1993, if that helps give you an idea of where I am musically.

Off to the right are some examples of what I do, so please have a click and see if we have a match.  I'm willing to travel through the 413 to the 508, the 617 and beyond.  Been at this a while, I know what I'm doing, and the more sensible folks seem to think I'm pretty good at it.

Having a shindig?  Need some music?  Call me for a quote and let's book something.  413-218-6780.